Preconstruction Services —
Value Before Construction Begins

Grote Enterprises offers comprehensive preconstruction services on any size project. We kick off the preconstruction process by gathering our team to review and analyze project drawings and specifics. As part of the process, our experts will try to uncover any constructability challenges and provide cost-effective solutions.

Value Analysis

The preconstruction team also performs a value analysis to determine if there are different methods to install the systems that will meet the design intent. The analysis assesses if design specifics can be met while providing value to the owner and/or improving the project schedule.

Scope of Work Development

The preconstruction team defines a detailed scope of work after fully understanding the project and how it’s going to be constructed. This scope will be the baseline for the estimating team to prepare a preliminary budget.

The scope of work is refined and the budget is updated as changes occur during the final stages of the project. Well-developed construction documents can be used to provide a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) estimate whenever appropriate.

Schedule Analysis & Management

The preconstruction team has a dedicated person scheduling evaluations and development, including manpower loading analysis. The scheduler uses the project schedule to develop a detailed schedule for the mechanical and plumbing scopes. 

We also develop manpower loading charts that are adjusted to the flow of the project. The manpower loading analysis takes into account all the prefabrication work to be completed prior to the work in the field.

With preconstruction services, Grote Enterprises ensures projects are completed on time and on budget with the utmost quality.